How Pepperoni Got a Nova Scotian Man Banned for 17 Years

If you've ever seen the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC you know it's a fancy shmancy place.


So how did Nick Burchill, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia manage to get himself banned from staying there for the past 17 years?

Well when you travel across the country, you bring gifts for your friends right? So Nick had a suitcase full of pepperoni, which he planned on sending to his Navy friends.

Rather than leave the pepperoni in his room to spoil, Burchill wrote on Facebook that he decided to leave the pepperoni-filled suitcase next to an open window so the chilly air could keep the pepperoni fresh.

Then, Burchill went for a walk — at which point dozens of seagulls entered into his room and descended on the pepperoni.

You can imagine the visual.

When Burchill returned later that night, his belongings were moved to a different room. And after he'd checked out, his employer was notified that he was no longer welcome at the Empress.

But now, after a long 17 years, Burchill returned to the hotel to apologise for the incident and sent a letter to see if he could convince them to lift the ban. He also bribed them, fittingly, with that infamous pepperoni. Read the outcome for yourself: