Ikea is Adding a New .75 Cent Item to its Menu Roster!

Ahhhh Ikea...the land of reasonably priced furniture and cheap food. Well this Swedish store just added another awesome food item to the menu for UNDER A BUCK! Ikea got on the plant based train and now offers a veggie dog for .75 cents! And get this...it might only cost .75 cents but you're getting worth way more in just the toppings alone! This veggie dog is topped with hot mustard, red cabbage and fried onions! You're gettin' a way better deal with this meatless wonder than if you got their regular hot dog! 

Photo cred: daily hive Calgary

You can get these at any IKEA across Canada as of today (October 3rd). Looks like I'll be taking a trip to get some uhh...furniture soon...