Is This Quest For Love At The U of C Romantic...Or Creepy?

I gotta ask. Is this romantic? Or Creepy

Carlos Zetina...a first year student at U of C met a girl named Nicole on Thursday night. She gave him her phone number...but when he texted her it was the wrong number. So what did Carlos do? He sent out a mass e-mail to 246 women named Nicole at the U of C.

After receiving the note a group of the Nicole's got together to form a Facebook group in an attempt to help Carlos connect with the real Nicole...and they found her!!!

The real Nicole is Nicole Toetenei. She wasn’t on Carlos' email list but she heard about it on social media and the 2 are going on a date next week.

And while the other Nicole's didn't find love...they did form a squad of Nicoles and met up for drinks.