Jonathan from Queer Eye OFFICIATES WEDDINGS!! And you'll LOVE Who HIs First Couple To Marry Is!

Okay who DOERSN'T love Jonathan from Queer Eye, he's just so adamn happy and shiny and fun and amazing...well you'll never guess who asked him to marry them!!

DOUG THE PUG!! the famous insty doggo!!


here they are together back in May when they first met haha

“‪Who gave us permission to be this cute? @jvn” -Doug

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then just yesterday look what Doug The Pug posted on Instagram!!

“He said yassss!!” -Doug

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He replied yesterday in his insty stories and said I CAN'T WAIT! ahhh!! soo good!! Who wouldn't want JOnathan to officiate their wedding?! talk about WEDDING OF THE YEAR sorry Meghan and Harry hahaha