Mayor Nenshi Criticized for Comments in Video

A video of Mayor Nenshi telling people to get out and vote is getting a lot of reaction. In it he says that some people are using racist tactics to try to get other candidates to win and some are taking that to mean that anyone who doesn't vote for him is racist. 


Others say he's just making a comment on the online haters and trolls who have affected all mayoral candidates. Mayor Nenshi's Campaign Manager released this statement: “Throughout this campaign there has been a remarkable rise in racist and hateful comments on social media, which Mayor Nenshi has spoken out against for months. The comments from a small minority have been magnified by automated bots and anonymous accounts online. We are unified with the other candidates in the election for condemning these activities. The vast majority of Calgarians defend our city’s diversity and inclusiveness so that Calgary remains a great place to make a life for everyone.” Watch this clip from video to form your own opinion and make sure you get out and vote!!