New AB Drivers License Will Feature A DINOSAUR The Albertosaurus??

Alberta drivers licenses are getting a bit of a facelift and this is really rad news if you love dinosaurs *cue Jurassic Park theme music*



The Alberta Government announced today that all driver’s licences and identification cards will be redesigned to help protect against counterfeiting and ID theft — and the new cards will include an image of an Albertosaurus,( it's okay I didn't know what it was either)  buuuut after a little but of research looks like it's a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, which was discovered by Joseph B. Tyrrell in the Red Deer River valley in 1884. (coool!)

Some of the updated features include clear windows, laser engraving and 3D embossing that makes it harder for alteration and replication. - Not great if you were planning on using your older sisters fake ID but they will be super beautiful not only will they have a badass dinosaur on them but also pictures  Castle Mountain and the Bow River in Banff National Park, while the ID cards will feature a Wild Rose, Alberta’s provincial flower.

The Albertosaurus will be featured in the bottom-right of the card, directly below the date of birth. and seriously makes ourt ID's look way more badass than anywhere else in the province haha

What do ya think?? you dig it??

Government Of Alberta