Pack Your Bags To...Destination Unknown!

Imagine going on a vacation and you didn't know where you were going to go until you arrived at the airport!

Could you do this?

If ya could Pack Up + Go is the travel company for you! They specialize in planning weekend getaways (2 nights 3 days) for you totally planned all you have to do is roll up at the airport and pick up your itinerary!

They don't do major beach vacations but specialize more in little weekend getaways to differenyt cities like Chicago, LA, New York and even smaller places like Portland and Vermont

you essentially judst kind of fill out a small questionairre to get somewhat of an idea what you're looking for and then off you go!!

As someone who loves flying by the seat of my pants I LOVE this idea!!! however, I know alot of people who couldn't stand not being in control!

either way very cool!