Puke and Beer Repellent Shoes Now Exist, Thanks to Adidas

Okay in this scenario: You have your priorites straight and you spent $240 on shoes. Obviously you wanna wear them out, right?

You’re in second year of college, (don’t ask me how you could afford these shoes, but you did) and you’re wearing them to a party. What happens at a college party? People drink beer and they puke.

You don’t want to ruin your shoes, so rather than wearing ziplocks on your new balance: In steps Adidas.

Adidas has made puke and beer resistant shoes.

Just in time for Oktoberfest! Even if you’re not the one drinking and puking, you’re bound to go to some sketchy places.  Shoes are great, but I think this is gonna open up a whole clothing line for them!


How realistic is this? If you do throw up on your shoes, are you really likely to just wipe them off and continue with your evening?