So...Chicken Sashimi is a thing

Would you eat chicken sashimi? Aren’t you risking SALMONELLA?!


It looks like tuna tataki but it’s seared chicken. Seriously. It’s a thing and North Americans on Twitter are pretty upset about it.


Millennials are killing sashimi

— Nick Dahlink 💅 (@theregos) September 6, 2017


Even in Japan (where it’s most popular)  the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare warned that food poisoning is a serious risk of eating raw chicken, and asked restaurants to reevaluate their preparation practices



i personally have no interest in eating it (just like im not too hype on raw horse meat) but that doesnt make people who do "weirdos" or w/e

— emi (@sweatyloser) September 6, 2017


Would you try it? Makes my stomach churn thinking about the texture…