St John's Election is going to the dogs. Literally.

Calgary isn’t the only one on the brink of a mayoral vote. And hate me all you want, maybe I’m biased, but the St John’s candidates look like very good boys…
At least one does:


Opponents in for a ruff ride: Finn the dog runs for mayor of St. John's #cbcnl

— CBC NL (@CBCNL) September 12, 2017


His owner/ campaign manager says Finn is particular concerned with sidewalk snowclearing, as snowy sidewalks can make for difficult walks.


St. John's mayoral candidate Finn  speaks (also rolls over, plays dead) with @bmadorevocm.

— Andrew Hawthorn (@hawthornandrewj) September 11, 2017


Apparently he’s taking a break from his acting career to persue a career in politics and, being an Australian cattle dog ,will work tirelessly around the clock.