Taylor Swift Plays Surprise Acoustic Set

Taylor Swift surprised fans at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe Saturday, appearing unannounced to perform a few songs for the crowd.

Swift was brought onstage by the night’s main billing, Craig Wiseman. She played  “Shake it Off,” Little Big Town’s“Better Man” (which she penned and won a CMA Award for), and “Love Story” – a song she explained she “almost” wrote with veteran songwriter Wiseman.


He ended up passing on the song, not quite feeling it, but she couldn’t get it out of her head. “I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea,” Swift told the audience. “I thought there was something to it. I really liked it.”

Before closing out her set, Swift and Wiseman did a shot of Fireball together as they reminisced about the pop star’s early days in her career.