Taylor Swift's New Video for End Game With Ed Sheeran & Future

Ok so you've already seen the new video but did you notice all these fun lil tid bits?!

You might've noticed a ton of katakana writing (as Swift walks down the streets, there were tons of neon signs in the Japanese language, and when she sips her juicebox, the katakana writing appears again) but unless you're fluent in the language you probably didn't notice what it said?

 Fans decoded Swift's juicebox which has the words "End game" written on it, and some of the neon signs translates to parts of Swift's song lyrics (like "A-team" and "I wanna be your first string") and –ARE YOU READY FOR IT- her cat's names. 


Like when Swizzle was wearing a very similar (if not the same) ensemble Jeffree Star wore when implying Swift was a snake in a tweet from September.

And there's some rumours she hid her boyfriend Joe Alwyn in the vid!