The Jennifer Lawrence "Cold Controversy" uh...Isn't One?

You might've seen yesterday that Jennifer Lawrence went outside without a jacket on (news).

Many speculated she was forced to go outside in the freezing cold while her male costars were allowed to bundle up! 

Red Sparrow photos prove being a woman in Hollywood can be very cold


did the topic of a coat ever come up?

— Elizabeth Pears (@BizPears) February 20, 2018


However, Lawrence has since responded saying it was "her choice".


Jennifer Lawrence is "extremely offended" by social media commentary that she might be cold wearing an evening gown outside in London today

— Elle Hunt (@mlle_elle) February 21, 2018


I think every girl has made this choice when dressing for a fancy occasion and risking frostbite for a couple minutes. IE: Every Halloween costume in Canada ever.