The Voice Behind "Yanny/Laurel" Gives Us An Answer

Look, we're not trying to break up anymore friendships, marriages, or offices, but we FINALLY have got to the bottom of this debate. 

Jay Aubrey Jones, the voice behind the whole debate, was on an Australian TV show and came clean with the answer to the question that has divided the world. 

Check it:

Jay went on to explain that the reason people were hearing 'Yanny' was due to the quality of their listening device. 

'If you hear more of a bass sound, you'll hear "Laurel,'" Jay explained. 'As you get more toward the treble, stripping away the bass sound, for some reason - passing all reason - some people will hear "Yanny."'

Jay went on to explain that the original clip was recorded back in 2007 when he was recording reference pronunciations for the website