Trio Of St Bernards Need To Be Adopted Together In Edmonton

This is very important!!

Edmonton Humane society is in search of a special adoption! 

Named the "Three Gentle Giants" Gasket, Gunther & Goliath have formed an extremely strong bond and Edmonton Humane Sciety is hoping to find someone to take all three as they experience quite a bit of anxiety and seperation issues see their post below! lets find these guys the right home!!

Wanted: Special Adopter!

We are facing a giant adoption challenge (literally) and need your help to find these three brothers their forever home! Gasket, Gunther and Goliath are two-year-old Saint Bernard's and while friendly and playful, their behaviour assessment showed signs of the trio being bonded with each other, experiencing stress and anxiety when separated. As a result, we are requiring they all go to the same home.

These three giant-breed dogs will be a big commitment (no pun intended ðŸ˜‰), and we recommend potential adopters seriously consider the significant expenses before making the decision to adopt - this includes food which is estimated to be over $300 a month, and veterinary expenses throughout their 8-10 year lifespan.

More information on these three gentle giants can be found here -->

The dogs are expected to be ready for adoption tomorrow. To provide them with ample space during their stay with us, they are being kept out of our public adoption gallery. Interested adopters must email to schedule an appointment to meet them, and will be required to go through an adoption interview with their family to ensure the lifelong needs of these dogs can be met.