Wait. What about the Iphone 9?

Let me be honest with you for a second. Does anyone actually buy the new Apple products when they come out? If yes, how? Do you still own both your kidneys?

The only reason I have ever got a new phone is because my contract ran out (that’s never happened), I broke my phone, I dropped it in the bathtub, I ran over it, dropped it in the hot tub or put it through the washing machine.*

Let’s remember back in 2009 when it was cool to have the first Ipod Nano… “Hey man you got any Tech Nine on there? How ‘bout Green Day?” It was a status symbol, right?

Now though, it totally doesn’t faze me to see someone with the latest product. Have I just grown up? Do you still think it’s a status symbol or do you judge the person for wasting their money on something that has 3 hours of battery life? (Oh yes, I know the new IPhone has 2 more hours of life than the 7. I did the math! )




*yes, I went through 6 screens last year. I’m not happy about it. This might also be why I can’t afford the new Iphone.

The most futuristic feature in the iPhone X sounds like a big security headache https://t.co/WtzTW17DdK pic.twitter.com/DwMSFK43dJ

— Business Insider (@businessinsider) September 13, 2017