Want a free VIP ticket to Coachella? Follow these creepy 20 demands and this dude will give you one

Coachella lineup was just announced this week, looks insane right?! BEYONCE?! RADIOHEAD?! KENDRICK LAMAR?! just to name a few! I get it why anyone would wanna go!

just imagine a FREE ticket, not just a ticket a FREE VIP TICKET!
it could be yours...it only comes with a couple demands.....

So this super creepy dude posted on Craiglist for a FREE VIP Ticket to Coachella but you just have to follow some of his "rules"
these are so creepy! I feel like if you DID do this you would NEED to put GPS on all your limbs, so people could find your remains in the desert, jeeeeez this dudes a creep

"must let me brush your hair"
"must call me naughty at least twice"
"must post at least 4 instagram photos of the two of us"