When You Fake Tan Before The Gym...

Where my fake tan ladies at? We’ve all had to go through an oompaloopa phase to find our right shade. But there’s other trials and tribulations of learning the art of fake tanning, and this woman is learning the hard way NOT to apply fake take before the gym.

 Twitter user Eve from Falkirk in Scotland shared her life lesson with the entire internet. After fake tanning, Eve put on her Adidas leggings and hit it hard in a long, sweaty gym session. But when it came to removing her leggings, this is what she found.

Best part is Adidas responded:

That’s gotta mean some free gear for her advertising right?

Hope she wasn’t planning to bare her legs that night. Ever had a beauty mishap like this?

One time I put on self tanner and then it started raining. I looked like a leopard for a week after…