Which Game Of Thrones Star Was Rocking Some YYC Karaoke Last Night?!?!

THIS is why Karaoke every day is a must ... you never know which stars you're gonna miss out on!!!

Last night at Ducky's you missed out on ARYA FREAKIN' STARK!!! Maisie Williams made a random appearance and according to my friend Gary the Karaoke guy ... she was a delight!  Don't act like you're not SO JEALOUS!!

Rumor has it... some Game of Thrones filming is what has her here. Makes sense since Ghost the Direwolf is an Albertan :) and since my doge is named "Nymeria" after Arya's Direwolf ... #NerdAlert

BONUS: she also spent some time checking out the mountains while she was here...

what a day 🕵🏻‍♀️

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