Your Pride Guide This Weekend

So as you know this long weekend is Pride! It's a time to celebrate love, diversity, equality and all things wonderful about the LGBTQ2+ community! It's going to be an unreal time and you probably want to know where to go because there are literally so many events going on, it's B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Sooooo let me hook you up with an easy Pride guide right HERE!


We've also been working on an awesome project with members of our LGBTQ2+ community, creating these videos and sharing their stories and expereinces. This video with Aaryn and Heather was one of my favourites.  Aaryn is a transgender man and his mom Heather is a bisexual woman who uses she/her pronouns. Getting to meet Aaryn and Heather and hear their stories and experiences definitely made me think back to when I was younger. I WISH I could have been more like Aaryn growing up, he is so unapologetically himself and if I only knew how okay it was to be myself at that age I think I would have faced a lot less of an internal struggle.