Top of the City

June 23-24 | Evansdale Park

Top of The City, Edmonton’s first 36 hour continuous soccer festival will be taking place in the heart of the North Side at Evansdale Park from 8:00 am on June 23rd to 8:00 pm on June 24th.

Hockey players can't have all the fun of a longest game! There will be several teams playing throughout the game in shifts with a couple hours of breaks in between and it's for all ages and all skill levels. As well as the game, there will be so much more to check out, including food trucks, kids activities, kid and adult pick-up games, a beer gardens and an outdoor broadcasting of the FIFA World Cup!

And now for the best part, it's a FREE event and everyone is welcome to attend! For more info, check out and if you would like to register to volunteer or play, head here