50 Things You Should Always Cheap Out On:


Here are some items that will save you big cash if you purchase them at a Dollar Store/Dollar Tree/Dollarama/Everything for a Dollar etc: 

1) Advil - don't buy the travel size packs at a regular store. The Dollar Tree sells 3 2-count packs for $1 each. Buy a few, then pop them in your bag for emergencies.

2) Balloons -having a party? Don't waste money on these bad boys. You're not gonna want them around for more than a day anyway

3) Bandaids - brand name versions are marked up as much as 50%. Go cheap...then try your best to heal fast. 

4) Pint glasses/drinking glasses - you can buy these bad boys for $1 each at a Dollar Store

5) Puzzles & Board Games - you can get brands like Disney, but spend way less than elsewhere. 

6) Bobby Pins! - how many of these have you lost over your lifetime?? The Dollar Tree sells pack of 72 pins for $1

7) Books - some Dollar Trees sell best-sellers. Boom.

8) Bread - GET THAT BREAD!! You'll spend almost 1/3 less than at a major grocery store.

9) Cleaning supplies - you can pick up brand name cleaning supplies (usually just in a slightly smaller version) for CHEAP.

10) Coffee filters - you know, to go in your coffee maker from 1990


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- @chelseabird3