A New Vaccine For Acne May Be Coming Out!

We've all been there. You get a zit, the day before something important and say to yourself "Seriously??? Why am I still getting pimples at this age?!!?!?"


Well that may be the way of the past! Because soon a vaccine against the skin condition could be on the way.

University of California, San Diego researchers did tests on mice and human skin taken during biopsies and found that sending antibodies to acne-causing bacteria could reduce swelling of the skin.

The bacteria live harmlessly on the skin of most people, but in those with acne it causes irritation of the skin.


Dermatologist Dr. Anton Alexandroff says, "We know that acne affects both teenagers and adults, leaving a lasting effect on psychological well-being. This opens exciting new avenues of treating acne-- including the potential to create an acne vaccine which would prevent acne altogether."


Would you be willing to try this one out? 

Check out more here: (Daily Mail