Alberta Getting Close To Ditching Daylight Saving Time

How are you feeling after time change this weekend?

Annoyed? Tired? Angry? 

Well, Alberta could be saying BUH-BYE to time change as of next year! 


Thomas Dang (NDP MLA for Edmonton-South West) has put forward a private bill this week that would put Alberta on central standard time year round.

Dang says many Albertans have told him they're ready for one time year round.

He said the change would mean longer days in the summer, all to help Albertans enjoy their favorite activities (such as golf or late night drinks on the patio).


Ditching time change would put Alberta on the same time as Saskatchewan year round, one hour ahead of B.C. in the summer and two hours ahead in the winter.

It would also put Alberta one hour behind Toronto in the winter and two hours in the summer.

If the bill does pass, it wouldn't take effect until November 2018.