App Created by Edmonton Dad Helps Kids Find Odd Jobs

 If you looked at your driveway this morning, sighed, and went reaching for the number to call someone else to plow it…

Hold on one second.

This new app designed in Edmonton might change your mind.

It’s called HeyDan and it’s helping connect kids with neighbours to tasks in their community.

Kids between 12 and 17 can sign up for Heydan and apply for age-appropriate jobs like shovelling driveways, babysitting or walking a dog.

Creator Greg Kusyk said he came up with the idea after his son, Josh, began shovelling neighbours’ driveways to earn money for a guitar.

Kids can earn money for their own personal goals or for a charity or a sports team, as well.

Safety is a prominent feature in the app. So kids can only apply on jobs within 1 km of them, and the app never gives out their exact address.

Heydan is available on Apple and Android devices.