Birthday Cake Cool Whip Exists & You'll Probably Eat it Out of The Tub

Yep, you're reading this right: Birthday Cake Cool Whip.

Cool Whip is here to satisfy all of our childhood cravings with this new birthday-cake-flavored whipped topping, and it's almost like we don't even need a cake anymore!


The sweet treat has a soft-pink hue and is flavored to taste like a 6-year-old's dream food, and it even has sprinkles mixed right in! Check out the sneak peak:


While most followers were thrilled over the launch one skeptic asked, "what could you use this with?!?" @thejunkgoat was quick with a witty response, writing, "a spoon." Touché.


This isn't the first epic Cool Whip flavor. In March 2018, the they released "Oreo mix in" which is still available for order via Instacart. Tthere's also a Double Chocolate Brownie variety. store availability and prices have yet to be officially announced for our soon to be favourite flavor.