Bow Wow Lied To The Internet Which Has Started The #BowWowChallenge

We all lie a little bit when posting on social media. Whether its touching up facial imperfections or angling the mirror selfie in just a way that the world doesn't have to see the pile of clothes in your corner. Singer Bow Wow on the other hand flat out fibbed to his fans on Instagram. He posted a picture claiming that he hopping on his private jet to go to New York. The New York part was right...just not the jet.

Someone spotted him on a standard plane, sitting with the regular peopel, common folk if you will. This has sparked a new internet trend, the Bow Wow Challenge! People have been posting pictures online using the hashtag #BOWWOWCHALLENGE doing things that are more impressive than they seem. 

Bow Wow has responded and said being mocked on the internet doesn't bother him. He also said this is part of his plan to get people to watch his new show coming out. Sure Bow Wow... let's go with that. 

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