Brand New “Polar Park Brew CO” Hosts Edmonton’s First Midnight Market

Honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled to see a late night farmers market coming to our city, summers are busy, and most times you have things happening during your day, or maybe you work weekends like me? Now you can FINALLY enjoy artesian markets, but with a fun late night twist.

Edmonton is welcoming a brand new brewery to our Old Strathcona District, “Polar Park Brew CO.”

They’ll be the host of the FIRST late night farmers market! Full of fun local brews, snacks, and local marketers you can get a taste of this midnight market for the first time May 10th.

It’s and 18+ event where you can walk around to the beat of a live DJ as well!

Snag tickets for only 5 BUCKS here! Can’t wait! XOXO - @mariah.mae