Bride Flees Wedding And Everyone Including The Groom Are Ecstatic!

Nineteen year old Dannie Mountford skipped out on her wedding day and everyone was shocked and pleased, including her groom Carl.  The reason, she went into labour.  

Yes! They didn't even have time to cut the cake. The newly weds were enjoying their first dance when Dannie felt a "trickle" down her leg.

She told;

“One second I was dancing with my new husband, and the next I was giving birth to my little girl."

She wasn't expecting the baby for a couple more weeks;

“It was such a big surprise, but it’s made our wedding day even more memorable and will always be extra special.

“As I was dancing I felt something coming trickling down my leg.

“It wasn’t until I was in the labour ward that my wedding dress was taken off. It was soaking because of my waters bursting on it.

 Their daughter, Jasmine was born in the early hours of the next morning, weighing 6lbs 4oz.