Calgary Man emails 246 WOMEN trying to find the 'Nicole' that he met at a bar the night before!

Cool Story out of Calgary..

Carlos Zetina met a Woman at a bar, but she only gave him her first name (Nicole) and the wrong number. So what does he do?
He emails 246 WOMEN with same name at the University of Calgary...246 Nicole's....just to try and track her down!!!

Email subject line read,...'Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number'...

He describes himself as a "hopeless romantic."....She never received the email (she's an exchange student) but heard about it from another Nicole at the school.

*****They’re now meeting up for coffee (She says 'just as friends")...and another weird thing...his EX’S NAME WAS NICOLE TOO LOL******

Some of 'The Nicoles' have started a Facebook group to keep in touch, titled "Nicole from last night"...they went out to drinks to all meet!