Calgary Youth petition to Tim Hortons for a greener #BetterCup

3 Calgary youth are seriously challenging Tim Hortons this “Roll Up the Rim” season. 12 year olds Mya Chau and Eve Helman, are hoping for a face to face meeting with the king of Canadian coffee. They believe there’s a better more eco-friendly way to execute the contest, one that doesn’t involve such a large footprint with these single use cups.

They’ve conjured up the idea from a previous science project they created together, the project brought light to the massive impact disposable coffee cups have on the environment, it ended up turning into a massive online petition, 347 000 signatures that even caught the eye of STARBUCKS! The head honchos of Starbucks took the time to meet with the young environmentalists, they agreed to invest 10 million dollars into production of an eco friendly cup by 2020.

They now have a new petition going around to help bring attention to the people of Tim Hortons.

Check out more about the story below, and make sure to sign the petition! XOXO - @mariah.mae