Can You Figure Out The Meme That's Confusing Men All Around The World

Most memes that get circulated around the internet are pretty easy to understand, however one of the latest ones to go viral is confusing most men and alot of women too...

There's a girl with wavy hair on the left and curly hair on the right and the caption;

"you vs. the girl he cheats with"

Apparently it's to show that people that do their own hair want the hair on the left, but most have the hair on the right. The woman who first made the meme talked to Buzzfeed saying that;

"My method for curling clients' hair is creating ugly ringlet-type curls that I then brush to make beachy beautiful waves... I was laughing and joking with [my roommate] about how bad they look before I brush them."

However, even with this explanation I, as a guy, am still lost. Lucky for me, I'm not the only one either.