CROCS + FANNY PACKS = New footwear trend for 2019

Crocs do you LOVE or HATE them?

I have never owned a pair but after Post Malone created his line of Croc's I was seriously thinking I need to rock a pair. Well whoever thought adding a FANNY PACK to a pair of Croc's might be the next genius. Yes you can now buy a line of Crocs featuring mini fanny packs. 


Crocs has teamed up with BEAMS to come out with a line of Croc's with MINI FANNY PACKS attached to them. You can buy them here. 

They will cost your $53 US. Would you buy these? Some even come with visors. What is next?? Croc's with umbrellas? Mini bars? 


The internet is going nuts over them.