Did Ariana Grande Just Confirm Her Engagement to Pete Davidson?!

Photo via @FrankieJGrande on Instagram


Okay rumours about Ariana Grande and her new beau Pete Davidson being engaged have been circling ALL DAY and I have refused to talk about it, because I was like "there's no way".


I guess multiple sources say Grande and Davidson have been attending events together and telling people that they're engaged.


Since news broke, it's been BLOWING up all over social media, and Ari just responded, by tweeting this:



Soooo...... It's true?!?! Is it!?!?

People also did some digging and realized she HAD been sporting a huge ring on THAT FINGER lately.




What do you think?

Are they truly engaged after a month of dating? 

Or is it just a prank?

Let me know!


xo Han