Edmonton Considers Testing "Driver-less Vehicles"

Edmonton could be jumping into the future with this new investment!

The city is currently looking at the idea of setting up a "test track" to try out driver-less vehicles.

If the plan follows through, the U of A south campus is reported to be the testing ground.

The project would involve a track that would test light-duty shuttles, which are equivalent to a small 12 person bus.


Brad Ferguson (President & CEO of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation) says: 

"It's a billion-dollar opportunity, if we choose to play in this sector. (Edmonton) has the availability of land ... and the extreme aspects of four seasons"

But no need to get our hopes up just yet, as Ferguson also mentioned that it could take up to 20 years before vehicles hit Edmonton's streets.


Smart phones, smart cars. What's next, SMART TOILETS? (That does sound cool actually!)