Everything You Need To Know About the Harry Potter Fest In #YEG

Calling all Potterheads! You will not want to miss out on this magical Harry Potter themed festival that is making its way to Edmonton this month.

It’s going down next Friday, October 12th from 2 PM to 9 PM.

The best part? The event is FREE to attend!



You'll be able to walk through the "Dragon Alley", where vendors will be selling magical wares and handmade items, eat your heart out at the Food Trucks, watch a real-life Quidditch practice, do Wizard Yoga and participate in the activities happening in the Library all for FREE!

If you do want festival extras, however, tickets start from just $5 and go up to $25 and you’ll need to buy tickets online before the event.

 You can buy tickets on their website here.

Here are the events that will require a ticket bought online in advance:

  • Sip on cold, sweet Buttery Beer locally made from scratch and warm, spicy Pumpkin Juice made from real pumpkins and topped with whipped cream. There will be no alcoholic drinks served at the event. The drinks will cost $5 each. 
  • There's a Harry Potter themed escape room at the festival called Escape from Magic Manor. There will be clues and live action prompts and tickets cost $15. 
  • You can take Insta pics at the Photo Booth in a magical location with Harry Potter inspired props like a pet owl and pet phoenix. Tickets cost $20 and include a professional print and emailed image of up to five people, so it equals out to about $4 a person. 
  • There will be a Magical Express Train that you can ride and will feature popular Harry Potter characters. The tickets have sold out but you can sign up on the waitlist. It costs $25. 
  • At the festival, you can take Witchcraft and Wizardry Classes like the ones they take in Hogwarts, such as the Care of Magical Creatures (which will feature live owls), Potions and Defense against the Dark Arts. However, tickets for all three classes are currently sold out. 
  • Show off your Harry Potter knowledge at the Wizarding World Quiz and win some prizes. Participating in the quiz costs $20. 
  • There will be a screening of the movie Practical Magic that will cost $15. 

PLUS àAll net proceeds from the event will go to the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation! So you can do some good and satisfy the Harry Potter fan in you at the same time.