Google Has Been Recording Conversations You've Had Near Your Phones

Google has announced that their Voice Search has been recording your voice and conversations you're having as a way to improve it's speech recognition to make it easier to search using only your voice. However, they store all of those conversations..CREEPY right?!

Here's how to find out if they have any of your conversations stored, and if they do, how to delete it.

First, click here to access the lists.

Once you log in then you'll be able to see the list. If you're an iPhone user you may luck out and not have many or any clips stored. As for Android users will tend to have more as they have a voice Google search feature built in just by saying "OK, Google".

You can listen to the clips that have been converted into text and if you have any audio clips you want deleted all you have to do is select the specific clips with the check box on the left and scroll to the top to find the delete button. If you want to delete all the clips click the "More" section and you'll find more options.