Granddaughter Of Santa From Londonderry Mall Is Seeking Photos

If you have had your Christmas pictures taken at the Londonderry Mall there is a chance you had it taken with Nicole Hawley's grandparents who are known for being Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Her grandfather 'Santa' is currently in ICU and is not doing very well. Nicole came up with a great idea to boost their spirits and is asking the public for any photos they might have at home that they have taken with her granparents. 

Her Facebook post reads: 

Hi guys. My name is Nicole Hawley. You may not know me, but a lot of you know my grandparents. My grandparents are Mr and Mrs Claus at Londonderry mall. Two months ago "Santa" ended up in the hospital. He is still ICU and things aren't looking too good. So I'm reaching out to the public to help lift my grandpas spirits. I'm posting to see if anyone is willing to send me photos of their little ones with my grandpa (or any one with him, including fur babies). I know it's a huge favour to ask, to send photos of your kids to a complete stranger, but I assure you, I am who I say I am. So if anyone is willing to help, you can privately message me if you don't feel comfortable with posting them online. Thank you so much. And as my grandfather would say "3 months and 26 days until Christmas!"

Thank you from the Hawley family

Click HERE to send her a photo.