I Tried Jennifer Lawrence’s “Chili Pizza Sandwich”

In case you missed it, I posted a blog yesterday about Jennifer Lawrence’s “GREATEST FOOD INVENTION”, the Chili Pizza Sandwich.


"It’s called a chili pizza sandwich. You have a piece of pizza, you put chili in it with noodles, like southern chili with noodles, and then another piece of pizza, and then you eat it like a sandwich.”


Now I’ll try almost any food once, so you know i had to do it to em.


Here’s what you need: 


 - a frozen pizza, I used pepperoni

 -  a can of chilli

 -  noodles, I used shells



Step 1) Preheat oven for the pizza



Step 2) Boil the noodles, add the can of chilli



Step 3) Assemble!!




It was DELICIOUS and the flavours complimented each other really well actually, but ssoooo messy.

All the chili falls out when you’re eating it.

You definitely need a fork for the debris or you can be disgusting like me and use your fingers to just, y'know, shove it back in there.


I’d give it a SOLID 8/10. 


Try it!!! And tag me if you do! 


xo Han