Insane GAME of THRONES ICE HOTEL returns just in time for the final season!!!!!


Seriously, how sick is this!!!! Lapland Hotels of Finland has returned with their Game of Thrones Snow Village, and it seriously reaches beyond your wildest dreams. The final season is due to air April 2019, and Finland is here to celebrate that!! There’s a hotel with all the rooms including spot on references to the show, while you’re their take a cruze to the ice bar, and the snow village!




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SnowVillage Julkaisija: Janne Pasma · 1 t · Ready for one more? Game of Thrones® Lapland Hotels SnowVillage is back for season 2018 – 2019! After last winter season, we were left with the feeling that this could be done even better and more accurate. Game of Thrones® offers such an amazing world, with all the spectacular creatures and scenes. We want to celebrate the upcoming 8th season along with HBO Nordic and our visitors by creating the final and unique, Game of Thrones® -themed Lapland Hotels SnowVillage. Hajas, Janne Pasma, Lapland Hotels SnowVillage Book your visit now at . Uusi upea talvi on aivan nurkan takana! Lapland Hotels SnowVillagen ensi kauden teema tulee olemaan Game of Thrones®, uudelleen ja uusiksi luotuna yhdessä HBO Nordicin kanssa. Viime talvikauden jälkeen meille jäi olo, että tämä voitaisiin tehdä vielä isommin ja vahvemmin. Game of Thrones® tarjoaa maailmallaan huikeita visuaalisia hahmoja ja kohtauksia, jotka haluamme herättää uudelleen. Haluamme juhlistaa yhdessä HBO Nordic:in ja kävijöidemme kanssa tulevaa 8. Game of Thrones tuotantokautta luomalla vielä kerran teemaan liittyvän Lapland Hotels SnowVillagen. Hajas, Janne Pasma, Lapland Hotels SnowVillage #snowvillage_got #ForTheThrone #visitylläs #visitlapland #ylläs #levi #kittilä #GameofThrones #HBONordic #lumonite #snowhotel

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