Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Officially Married:

Since last month, fans have been speculating whether or not Biebs and Hailey got married at an NYC courthouse...

Well...according to TMZ, they did in fact tie the knot on the same day they got their marriage license!

They kept things small - their witness was Biebs' buddy from church, Josh Mehl and a preacher named Jeffrey Quinn. 

What's interesting though...is that they didn't get a prenup! Since they tied the knot so fast, the document was never officially drafted. Sooo if this doesn't work out, Hailey legally stands to get half of everything. BUuuuuttttt, this is totally gonna last, right? RIGHT?

Anyway...the pair say they are still planning to have a church wedding in either upstate New York, or Ontario. They reportedly say they wont 'feel married' without one. 


- @chelseabird3