KFC Made A CGI Version Of Colonel Sanders And He's A Bit Of A Daddy

Corporations are getting more and more EXTRA with their "millennial" marketing.

Case and POINT - KFC.


They've created a CGI version of Colonel Sanders, their creepy cartoon mascot, but this guy... Is definitely not creepy.




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I may be a restaurant mogul and international inspiration, but I’m still just a kid who loves being in the kitchen. #humble It’s important never to lose sight of the things that make you who you are. For me, it’s being in the kitchen and making amazing fried chicken. That’s what got me here, and I never want to lose that young and hungry Colonel who spent all his time perfecting fried chicken. I’m still that kid who straps on an apron and makes fried chicken. And I’ll never lose that part of me. Never lose the things that make you who you are. This is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess. #candid #candidkitchen #colonelskitchen #humble #friedchicken #advice #success #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork #majorkey #cookingram #cooking

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He's supposed to be a KFC "influencer", complete with his own hashtag, #secretrecipeforsuccess, and hot girlfriend.


Is the new Colonel a babe or are we all just thirsty?!?!


xo Han