Kylie Jenner's Birthday Was Written Wrong In Her Own Calendar

Kylie released her own calendar recently and the team that designed it must've thought it would be a creative idea to mark Kylie's birthday on them.  The only problem is they marked it on the WRONG DAY! Her ACTUAL birthday is August 10, 1997. We can only assume someone's in some serious trouble for this one!












Look at some of these hilarious reactions from Twitter.

@KylieJenner isn't your birthday the 10th?! Living for this calendar by the way

— Amber (@AmberSatriano) December 25, 2016

Kylie, I thought your birthday was August 10th? @KylieJenner

— Hailey✨ (@haileyglander) December 20, 2016

@KylieJenner we share the same birthday of august 10th but your calendar says august 20th...#stillcutedoe

— amberbrazeau (@Ambam0221) December 18, 2016