Mariah Carey Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Bodyguard

With all the sexual assualt stories coming out of Hollywood it's important to remember it isn't always done by men. Sometimes women can make innapropriate and illegal advances towards men which is what Mariah Carey is being accused of by her former bodyguard. Mariah supposedly asked him to come to her room while on a trip to Cabo San Lucas to move some luggage and stood there in lingerie, practically naked. She also apparently commited "sexual acts" in front of him with the intent that they were viewed by him. 

Along with sexual advances Mariah is said to have referred to the bodyguard as a skinhead, KKK member and she would make comments insinuating she didn't want to have a white bodyguard. The security company he was hired under has threatened to sue Carey but they are in negotiations to settle outside of court. Mariah also owes him over $200,000 in unpaid fees.