Netflix Is Cracking Down On People Who Share Their Account Details

Be honest with me: do you pay for your own Netflix account? Probably not. 

Then you need to alert your step cousin's ex brother in law, who actually pays for the account, and tell them the acount could be shut down!


Netflix is about to start using a new AI system which has been created to track down any account that has been sharing its details with another.

Subscribers who are giving their password to adult kids who've left home will be offered the chance to sign up to a 'premium account', which will allow them to share their details with more than one person. But some users may just have their account shut down!

Furthermore, if someone has illegally sold their password online to multiple people they could be turned in to the police...


So if you want to keep bingeing You, you better start coughing up.


Or you know, you could just get Crave TV.