New Edmonton Documentary goes Behind The Scenes of Body Building!

Jenn Repp is prepping for 2019 bikini bodybuilding competition season. But what actually goes into that?! 


Jenn is sharing her intimate journey, along with interviews  of fitness instructors, doctors, nutritionists, bodybuilders, and more, highlighting the importance of self-care through the themes of mental health and female empowerment.

Jenn has had many struggles in her life, beset with personal tragedy, relationship breakdowns, and eating disorders.


Now she is determined to overcome adversity and share the stage with her dedicated and inspiring peers - with confidence, strength and radiance.

This story will take you on a journey of self-worth, determination, and the supportive & diverse community of bodybuilding from the female perspective. It is truly a ‘Journey of Empowerment through Bodybuilding’. The production began in November of 2018, and is currently aiming for a Fall 2019 completion.


You can get involved in the film here!