#ProtestThePlastic : HAAGEN-DAZS on board for offering alternatives to plastic packaging


Many big retail companies this week have unveiled a test system with their thoughts on alternatives to plastics. Almost all of our everyday use products are packaged in endless unnecessary amounts of plastic, and 2019 is the year people are finally doing something about it!

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When brands commit to evolve towards sustainable practices & collaborate, amazing things happen! @loopstore_us aims at revolutionizing #packaging, #delivery & #recycling, collaborating with world famous brands. This project is an example of the opportunities any brand has to create solutions to existing problems & transform our consumption habits. Just like @loopstore_us, we believe that anything can be transformed, reused, recycled. That brands have the power to lead people toward a deep and impactful change! Packaging is always one of the main concern regarding sustainability, this is a proof that any brand can move forward. All the best in this journey to change the world @loopstore_us ♻️💚

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Nestle is the big company who houses one of our fave ice creams, Haagen-Dazs, they’re trying out these metal re-usable containers with use for “Loop”. Loop is an incentive to reduce single use plastics, it’s coming to Canada this year, and anyone living within a 300 km radius of Toronto will be in the test trial for the Terra Cycle Loop initiative.

Other leading brands including Procter & Gamble, and Unilever will participate with loop. Hopefully this will impact other products such as shampoo, toothbrushes and laundry detergent packaging.

People are comparing it to an Milkman Delivery services, a deposit will be charged for the container, and it’ll be refunded when the container is returned at the next delivery, or back at the store.

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