Pure Happiness is Hanging out at the Zoo whilst Enjoying Bevies

The Edmonton Valley Zoo welcomes “ZOOBREW” 2019

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Happy Birthday, Taiga! Our Amur (Siberian) tiger turns 11-years-old today. Amur tigers are the largest cats in the world, weighing around 300 kg (660 pounds) and measuring up to 3 m (10 feet) long. These solitary cats are excellent swimmers and climbers, and live primarily in eastern Russia, although some live in China and North Korea. Amur tigers are endangered because of habitat loss and human poaching. However, international conservation efforts are helping keep the wild population stable at around 540 individuals. The Edmonton Valley Zoo is part of the Amur tiger Species Survival Plan, which is an international co-ordinated program to encourage captive breeding of endangered species. Did you know part of the proceeds from admission to the zoo goes toward conservation efforts? You’re helping out just by visiting! #yegzoo #endangeredspecies #tigers #conservation

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Okay I am insanely stoked about this, August 23 can’t come soon enough! I’m a huge animal lover, and who doesn’t love trying new beverages? PLUS not to be a stick in the mud but say bye-bye to the kidlets, it’s date night, ZooBrew is a 18+ event, ADULTS ONLY YO.


Check out live performances, bask in the twilight hours of the night, learn and admire the amazing animals and have one wicked night!! XOXO - @mariah.mae