RANKED: Drunkest Provinces In Canada

Canadians definitely like to party! 

How much though? Well, according to a new breakdown ONE province parties harder than all the rest.

The study looks at the average person's booze consumption within a year.

Canada's drunkest provinces (in order) include:

  1. Newfoundland & Labrador - 127.06L Per Person 
  2. Quebec - 122.12L Per Person
  3. Alberta - 115.68L Per Person
  4. Saskatchewan - 107.00L Per Person
  5. Nova Scotia - 104.34L Per Person
  6. Manitoba - 104.04L Per Person
  7. Prince Edward Island - 102.61L Per Person
  8. Ontario - 100.35L Per Person
  9. British Columbia - 100.24L Per Person

People may say being top 5 is a problem.

I say we're just more fun!