Secrets to a Long and Happy Relationship that Actually Work

From avocado toast to bullet journals and everything in between, millennials get a lot of attention for their affinity for new trends, but this one might actually be pretty sensible.

It turns out more milliennials are choosing to wait longer, (in some cases, decades) before marrying their partner! This is a far cry from the age of our parents getting together in high school and having 5 kids before their 23rd birthday. 

It's perfectly understandable that committing more time to truly getting to know your partner will help lead to a long and happy life together, but there are some other tricks too!

According to professional matchmakers, the following examples are eleven essential qualities that the most successful relationships need in order to thrive. Think you and your SO can tick off all these boxes?

  1. They communicate well.
  2. They’re transparent.
  3. They respect each other.
  4. They’re grateful for each other.
  5. They share a circle of friends.
  6. They praise each other.
  7. They have shared values.
  8. They support each other.
  9. They look at the big picture.
  10. They know how to care for someone else.
  11. They keep they’re sexual spark alive.

SOURCE: Bustle